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JAMS Music Tournaments 

Rules of Battles

JAMS Battles host 4 competitions in a year every season, and the spring battle will start on March 1st and ends on May 31st.

To participate in the JAMS Battle of talents, below are the rules to know.

  • Submit your best videos early to get a head start before anyone else.

  • Due to a huge volume of video entries, your videos and designs will be ready between 48- 72 hours. After which you will receive your content to view and keep tracking. Please bear with us

  • You can either choose to use the same video all through the battle or add more videos during the competition (fees may apply). 

  • Note: Whenever you add a new video, your votes starts over for your new video but your current videos stays the same.

  • If you have signed in to the battle using Diamond entry, we will edit your videos and make a compelling mind-blowing presentation to be used in the battle for your videos.

  • Please note that JAMS Battles owns all rights to all videos after submission for advertising and marketing purposes.

  • You are allowed to share your videos on all social media to get more votes from your friends thereby improving your chances of moving to the next round.

  • You are also able to challenge any musician to a head to head battle and let viewers vote for the best musician.

  • If you are being challenged by a musician to a head to head battle and you lose, the winner is able to take your spot in the competition.

  • The top 10 highly voted videos will be picked at each tournament to move to the next round of the battle.

  • The winners of each round of the battle would be listed on JAMS Battles website.

  • Winners in each round will receive JAMS gifts in the mail with free products and Trophies.

  • A winner in 1 of 4 seasons tournaments in each class stands a chance to take part in the JAMS Circle battle in December.

  • As a participate , your videos will be played on JAMS TV and other JAMS platforms to viewers from around the world who are ready to view your performance.

  • There will only be 1 overall winner from each class tournament.

  • Each tournament lasts for 3months. 

  • Round 1- 1st month Top 30 per class

  • Round 2- 2nd month Top 20 per class

  • Round 3- 3rd month Top 10 per class 

  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each class (Jackpot cash prizes, free products, vacation packages, trophies, massive exposure and bragging rights).  

  • Have it in mind that you can participate in the battle only after you have paid your entry fee and submit your pictures and videos.

  • Finally, all Diamond members get VIP exposure on JAMS TV and other JAMS platforms.