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The $1 Music Lessons 

$1 Music Lessons

JAMS offer $1 per minute lessons tailored to fit what you want. You can learn a lot in one minute and now you can finally invest your $1 into something that will last a lifetime. The ability to create your own music is now easy to do.


A minute is a long time, and it can be the best minute of your life if you maximize its use into having a wonderful experience that you can use whenever. This is a great opportunity to create for yourself, a cornerstone, a never forgotten moment so

Just Go For it!


Group Lessons

Are you planning on having a family fun night with the kids? JAMS mobile offer at home, music lessons to teach a group or a family. Share the fun, bring friends along and have even more fun with JAMS group lessons. Don't have an instrument, JAMS music teachers can provide you with an instrument to use during lessons.

Learn on the Go

JAMS makes it easy for you to take music lessons online by aligning you with a music instructor that is able to guide you in learning the instrument you want to create beautiful music with. JAMS offers music lessons at any location either at home or even in a group. We provide music lessons to all ages for any instrument you want to learn and play.


Learn Anytime

With JAMS Online Music Lessons, you have the ability to take music lessons live with any musician around the world at any time. With our music teachers who devote themselves to providing you with an easy way to get the highest quality musical lessons, you are sure to get the best musical experience. You have the opportunity to choose from different teachers from around the world that are ready to show you how to make music.

Learn From The Pros

Dancing is fun to do, and everyone loves to dance to a great music. Don't know how to dance and you wish to know, then it's your chance. You can now learn from hundreds of instructors tailored to teach you any style of dance or performing arts that you want to learn. No more standing against the wall, it is now your chance to become the center of attention in the dance circle. Go for it!


from the


Do you want to be able to sing like a PRO, JAMS gives you vocal lessons with music instructors that are tailored to teach you how to sing the genre of music you want to sing. JAMS Music Mentors will give you the confidence to shock your audience with your amazing voice that has been held inside. Does your voice crack when you sing? JAMS Mentors gives you the tools to use that will transform your voice into one that will put a smile on your audience faces. Get your vocal lessons from Jams Music Mentors and start singing in no time. 

Adults & Seniors

JAMS also specializes in giving a wonderful music experience to adults and seniors. Surprise your grandparents with a gift of being able to play the musical instrument they always wanted to play. Give your parents an experience that will put a smile on their faces and by making them able to make music. JAMS lessons are a great present to give to anyone. Ever had a hard time finding a gift for someone, JAMS lessons are a great gift to give on all occasions. With total confidence, we can say that JAMS music lessons are a great birthday, Christmas, valentine's or I love you gift.

Kids & Teens

JAMS specializes in providing music and art lessons to a youth organization, daycares, boys and girls clubs, churches, summer camps, kids parties, and events. JAMS provides the highest quality musical lessons for all young students, and also mentor them into developing their potentials and achieving their dreams. We are here to impact the youth and steer them in a better direction with music which is a great way to enhance kids and also create wealth for them.

Making It Easy

With JAMS music teachers you are able to give your kids and teens an experience that will last a lifetime. The ability to be able to play an instrument is a wonderful talent to have as it will always put a smile on listeners faces, those hearing your beautiful music. What more, put a smile others face, meet with JAMS and start learning to make other people happy.