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JAMS Battles

The road to musical success

JAMS Battles hosts music competitions for all musicians, all types of music genres, all levels of musical skill and just anyone who wants to showcase their musical talents to millions of music lovers around the globe.

What You Gain?

With this opportunity, you get gift prizes which range from money, free trips, free products, and services even to trophies and bragging rights. Also become known to people who need the service of your talent and stand a chance to build a successful career.

Go FoR It!

You can only lose tournaments by not joining them. You can also register for the all-state tournament where you compete with other musicians from your state for the position of the best musician for each state. Register today with the promo code ‘GO’ and get a free JAMS t-shirt for participating in the competitions. With JAMS Battle your success is sure.