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Just the right competition you can participate in to give you just the right publicity and exposure.

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 Check out the all-state tournament where you compete with other musicians from your state for the position of the best musicians of each state.

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JAMS is here to give you that exposure you require that will bring you unlimited opportunities to build a successful career. 

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JAMS Battles hosts music competitions for all musicians, singers, bands, entertainers and dancers, all types of music genres, all levels of musical skills and just anyone who wants to showcase their musical talents to millions of music lovers around the globe.

We inspire musicians to be creative in their art, showcase their talent to people and expose them to opportunities that can help them become more successfull in their career.

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JAMS Battle, the number one platform for you to expose yourself to the world by just performing in musical competitions.


We provide opportunities for thousands of musicians, bands and artistes around the world who are seeking to exhibit and promote their talents to gain more exposure by participating in music competitions.

What's Your Sound?

With this opportunity, you get gift prizes which range from money, free trips, free products and services even to trophies and bragging rights. Also become known to people who need the service of your talent and stand a chance to build

a successful career.


With JAMS Battle your success is sure.

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Musical Success

JAMS Battle is to create opportunities for musicians of any genre of music to become exposed to the world.

Also, we aim at inspiring musicians to have fun doing what they love to. 

JAMS Battle is always recommended

to everyone because:

We organize our tournaments in such a way that any musician along with any genre of music they play can fit in and also help with advertising and building your brand as a professional musician or artist.