Jams Mobile Music Center

Jams Mobile provides the highest quality music and performing art lessons for kids and teen students and mentor them into developing their full potential and achieving their goals.

We offer music lessons for youth at their home, at schools, summer programs, after school programs, the boys & girls clubs, and youth organization.​

Jams Mobile is impacting the youth and steering them in a better direction. Music is a great way to enhance kids and their creativity.

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Our Instructors

Jams Mobile makes it convenient to have music lessons at any location either at your home or even at Jams Music Center. We provide music lessons to all ages for any instrument you want to learn and play. 


With Jams virtual online lessons, you have the ability to take music lessons live online with your personal music instructor.


With our music instructors devote themselves to providing you with an easy way to get the highest quality music lesson, you are sure to get the best musical experience.

Musicians On Wheels

We provide you with easy access to musicians from around the globe for any of your events. With thousands of musicians available nationwide. 


Jams Mobile is capable of helping you source for talented musicians, artists, and entertainers that will render music for your special events.


Our musicians are as fast as a car and will get to you within minutes, by driving to your location with the fastest and most reliable means possible, to render music for your event.

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